With Products inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Salt & Cedar combines community support with quality apparel and accessories.

Bellingham, WA February 28, 2018:  Salt & Cedar, based in Bellingham, Washington, announced their new line of apparel and accessories along with the first recipient of their community organization support campaign.

“I want this lifestyle to resonate through the design and textures of our clothing and accessories,” says Dana Hardy, owner with her husband Brian Hardy. “I want people to think of the sound and smells of the Pacific Northwest with our products.”

Along with lifestyle-inspired clothing and accessories, Salt & Cedar is showing their commitment to community by donating $2 from every sale to an organization that fits into one of three categories: helping people thrive, wilderness conservation, and protection of animals. The first chosen organization to receive support is Lydia Place, also based in Bellingham. The recipient organization will change every six months.

With an on-demand business model, Salt & Cedar is also commited to eliminating as much waste as possible. Each product ordered will be created at the time of ordering, providing a unique opportunity for a close to custom result.

The entire product line can be found at www.saltncedar.com


About Salt & Cedar. Salt & Cedar, based in Bellingham, Washington believes in responsibility and sustainability. Owners Brian and Dana Hardy share a goal to grow a brand that, not only inspires with creative apparel but gives back to the community.


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